Sunday, March 1, 2009

Watch Out Michael Phelps

Watch out Michael Phelps, here comes the Jolley brothers. We're so glad that Andrew and Jonny have each other and they are typical brothers. They really do love each other. Jonny is a great little sharer as whenever Jonny wants a treat or something else he'll always get two so he has one to give to Andrew. They can be the best of pals when they want and give each other hugs. Here's hoping they stay that way as they grow up.

Happy March Everyone

While I don't have any recent pictures for this beautiful March day I found something else that was a little green. Last Halloween Andrew was Darth Vader and Jonny was Yoda. I thought he made such a cute little green guy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Will the next Michael Phelps please stand up...

Andrew is our super swimmer and is practicing to be the next Michael Phelps. He says that when he grows up Michael Phelps will say I want to be the next Andrew Jolley.

He loves swimming and makes a cute fish!

Bouncing Ballerina Britney

Britney and Andrew were simply spectacular in their dance recitals this past holiday. Britney did a ballet and jazz dance while white boy Andrew hip-hopped his heart out. surrounded by a crew of cute little girls.

Jonny loves his new Christmas gifts

As you can all tell Jonny loves his new hat and gloves he got from grandma and grandpa this year. He just couldn't wait to put them on and pose for a picture.

Grandma comes to play

Recently Grandma (aka the first best grandma) came to visit for almost a whole week. Grandma spent a lot of time teaching Jonny the important things like how to drink a cold Pepsi and how to talk on the phone.

We had a ball having her stay with us and wish she could come more often or just move in with us. After all Britney grew up without her in the formative years and all she learned how to do was text. We got her a phone and she doesn't even know she can actually talk to her friends on in. She thinks all you can do is type cryptic messages to each other.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Amy's goal this year is to have me make at least one post a month to our family blog so check back soon for more!!!